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Flysimonstudios's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Get a major label placement Creativity
Record in a professional studio Creativity
Learn to speak Spanish Culture
Let a Dutch friend fly over to hang out Social
Arrive in LA Travel
Visit San Francisco Travel
Visit Grand Canyon Travel
Learn how to surf Sport
Workout at a LA gym Sport
Furnish my apartment Moving
Gamble in Las Vegas Financial
Get my own car Financial
Get my Associate Degree Education
Visit Griffith Observatory Education
Visit a Pawn Shop Education
Get a tattoo Fun
Take a selfie at the Hollywood sign Fun
Have the time of my life Fun
Visit Walmart at midnight
Drive a hot chick back home
Star in a music video
Make international friends
Vlog at least once a week
Make a prank video
Get a girl's number at Venice Beach
Visit Rodeo Drive
Get a LA girlfriend
Do my first LA show
Have at least 15 featurings on my songs
Release an album
Attend college basketball team
Go to Universal Studios
Visit the Walk of Fame
Meet a fellow Dutch person
Brag about Amsterdam
Send a box of souvenirs back to Holland

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