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Some examples of challenges:

Description Category #
Get Married Social 950
Go skydiving Sport 596
Kiss in the rain Bucket List 473
Sleep under the stars Bucket List 383
get a tattoo Bucket List 363
Donate Blood Health 362
Go on a cruise Bucket List 357
Buy a house Financial 325
Fall in Love Relationships 310
Run a marathon Well-being 286
Ride in a hot air balloon Bucket List 281
Ride an elephant Bucket List 272
Go to Paris Travel 239
Eat pizza in Italy Culture 237
Write a Book Skills 227
Fly First Class Bucket List 225
Go to Ireland Travel 222
Have Children Relationships 212
Visit all 50 States Travel 209
Dance in the rain Bucket List 205
Go Skinny Dipping Bucket List 203
Go to a concert Entertainment 176
Visit all 7 Continents Bucket List 176
Kiss under fireworks Bucket List 169
Graduate College Career 169
Go Camping Fun 169
go to hawaii Travel 163
Learn to surf Fun 163
Kiss underwater Relationships 162
Go to Italy Travel 156
Visit Niagra Falls Bucket List 149
Wish on a shooting star Bucket List 145
Go to Disney World Travel 143
Skydive Bucket List 140
grow old with someone I love Relationships 138
be a bridesmaid Social 135
Watch A Sunset With Somone Relationships 131
Bucket List Bucket List 129
get a job Career 128
Climb a Mountain Bucket List 128
kiss under a mistletoe Relationships 127
Have a Paint Fight Bucket List 126
Learn to drive Bucket List 123
Ride a camel Fun 122
Go SCUBA Diving Bucket List 119
Attend the Olympics Bucket List 116
Learn another language Education 114
Learn Sign Language Education 110
Learn a New Language Education 110
Bungee Jump Fun 107
Plant a tree Bucket List 106
Save a Life Bucket List 104
Go to a music festival Entertainment 103
Move out 103
Pass driving test Bucket List 102
Graduate from college Education 102
Road trip Travel 99
change someone's life Bucket List 96
Run a 5k Skills 95
Go White Water Rafting Bucket List 92
Go Bungee Jumping Bucket List 92
Visit the Pyramids Travel 91
Skydiving Fun 91
Get married Relationships 90
Fly in a helicopter Bucket List 90
Go to Greece Travel 86
Graduate High School Education 85
Lose weight Health 81
Finish a Coloring Book Bucket List 80
Go to New York Bucket List 79
Ride in a helicopter Bucket List 78
Go Rock Climbing Bucket List 78
Experience zero gravity Bucket List 78
Drive Route 66 Travel 76
Write a song Creativity 75
Sky dive Entertainment 74
visit stonehenge Travel 74
Go on safari Fun 74
do a colour run Culture 74
Kiss someone in the snow Relationships 74
Help a stranger Social 73
Go to England Travel 73
Get Engaged Relationships 72
go zip lining Fun 71
Get in shape Well-being 71
Ride a Horse Skills 70
Face a Fear Bucket List 68
Sleep on a trampoline Bucket List 68
Get My First Job Career 67
Be proud of myself Well-being 67
Scuba diving Sport 66
Sky diving Sport 65

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