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Carolina's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
hike more Well-being
reach ideal body weight Well-being
get rid of cellulite Well-being
roadtrip Cali Travel
New York, LA, Miami Travel
Mexico with my <3 Travel
Go to Australia Travel
go to Rome more often Travel
travel Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia) Travel
Go to Paris Travel
travel to Thailand with my bf Travel
Roadtrip across USA Travel
go visit Steph in Van Travel
Learn to play tennis Sport
Surf in Hawaii Sport
Scuba diving Sport
go to LJ marathon Sport
start running Sport
improve skiing Sport
move abroad with my boyfriend Moving
live in Rome with my boyfriend Moving
teach Italian Career
work in a travel agency Career
have a succesful career Career
work with Italian, English Career
live in dream house Financial
improve spanish Education
eat healthy Health
workout more Health
go to a Fashion week Fun
shopping in NY, Paris, Rome, Madrid Fun
Swim with dolphins Fun
Eurotrip with my bf and friends Fun
Learn to surf Fun
drink tequila in Mexico Fun
learn windsurfing Fun
improve swimming Skills
work as au pair in Madrid Skills
work in Canada Skills
drive an automatic car Bucket List
see someone famous in Beverly Hills Bucket List
celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada Bucket List
meet Eva Longoria Bucket List
visit Wisteria Lane Bucket List
celebrate Halloween in the states Bucket List
Go to Disneyland Bucket List
eat McDonalds in the USA Bucket List
have a long succesful relationship Relationships
stop blushing Relationships
animals charity Charity

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