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Wtvcaitlyn's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Fly to PressPlay NJ Social
Get 100 viewers on YouNow Social
Get 200 viewers on a YouNow Social
Become closer with PressPlay boys Social
Fix me and Christians friendship Social
Become friends w/ Jae & Lohanthony Social
PressPlay Boston w/ Hotels Social
Hookup w/ someone @ press play Social
Florida / Chelsea Social
Go to 3 Taylor Swift Shows Social
Meet Shawn during 1989 Tour Social
Get on a guestlist for a concert Social
See One Direction at least twice Social
Meet & see Justin Bieber Social
Get 1/5 Social
Meet the boys Social
See Ed Sheeran Social
Get 3 VIPs Social
Get 30k on Twitter Social
Get 5/10/20/30k on Vine Social
Meet the Vamps again Social
Go to a signing Social
Go to NYC twice Social
Go to MSG Social
Kiss Christian Social

Idea box and problem report - Web developer

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