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Typischilo's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Wear fake eyelashes Creativity
Get a Hena tattoo Creativity
Buy a Professional Camera Creativity
Exposeer eigen werk Creativity
Shower under waterfall Creativity
Eat pizza in Italy Culture
Add a lock to lovers bridge; Paris and Germany Culture
Visit Thailand Culture
Visit the Louvre in France Culture
See an Opera Culture
Host a themed party Social
Try yoga Well-being
Sit in a sauna Well-being
Get a foot massage Well-being
Go to a spa day Well-being
ride an elephant Travel
Kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower Travel
see the pyramids and the sphinx in eygpt Travel
Visit the Colosseum, Rome Travel
Walk On the Great Wall Of China Travel
Go to the Vatican Travel
Visit India Travel
have campfire on beach Travel
See Florence Travel
Visit Amsterdam Travel
go on a helicopter ride Travel
Visit the Pyramids Travel
Pose with the Leaning Tower of Pisa Travel
Go to South Africa Travel
Start a road trip without a destination Travel
Visit Marrakech Travel
Visit Pompeii Travel
Visit Pompeii Travel
Islands of Fiji Travel
Islands of Fiji Travel
Travel alone Travel
Prague Travel
Barcelona Travel
Visit Mexico Travel
Go to England Travel
Go snowboarding Sport
Kayaking Sport
Jump off something ridiculously high into water Sport
Learn to play tennis Sport
Learn to play tennis Sport
Get a place of my own Moving
Buy a new car on my own Financial
See a 3D movie Entertainment
visit a castle Entertainment
go to music festival Entertainment
Attend a concert Entertainment
A Cirque du Soleil show Entertainment
Go to a comedy bar Entertainment
20 kilo afvallen Health
10 kilo afvallen Health
Visit a zoo Fun
Dress up on a Halloween Fun
Dance on a bar Fun
Build a snowman Fun
Ice Skating Fun
go canoeing Fun
Play paintball Fun
Swim with dolphins Fun
Release a Paper Lantern Fun
Karaoke Fun
go to an outdoor cinema Fun
Get a pet Fun
Ride a motorcycle Fun
Eat at a 5 star restaraunt Fun
get a self-portrait painted Fun
Take pictures in a photo booth Fun
Ride a horse Fun
Write a Book Skills
Ride in a hot air balloon Bucket List
Dye hair Bucket List
Feed the ducks Bucket List
get a piercing Bucket List
Get a caricature drawing by a street artist Bucket List
Shop at the floating market in Vietnam Bucket List
get a tattoo Bucket List
Get My License Bucket List
Go skinny dipping Bucket List
try pasta in Italy Bucket List
kiss someone at midnight on new years Bucket List
Eat Sushi Bucket List
Find true love for life Bucket List
Kiss under fireworks Bucket List
Have Children Relationships

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