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Tina.Grivea's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Publish a book Creativity
Create a wall collage Creativity
Tie messages on balloons or in bottles and let them go Creativity
Design a perfect dress Creativity
Participate in the floating paper lanterns ritual Culture
walk up to a stranger and whisper "I know what you did" Social
Rain kiss Social
New Year's kiss Social
Give a homeless person a Christmas present Social
Write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years Social
Go to a black-tie event Social
Go bridge jumping Social
Slap a guy Social
Birthday cake fight Social
Throw someone a surprise party Social
Kiss 2 different guys in the same night Social
Go on a date with someone you don't know Social
Go horse-riding with a guy Social
Club dance with a guy Social
Kiss a stranger Social
Night swim with friends/strangers Social
Mistletoe kiss Social
piggy back racing Social
Compliment a stranger Social
Kiss 2 different guys in the same week Social
Slow dance with a guy Social
Hug a stranger Social
Empty field star gazing Social
Prank call a stranger Social
Attend a beach party Social
Go to a road trip with no direction Travel
Drive around Europe Travel
Go to Russia (St. Petersburg) Travel
Watch the ball drop at Time's Square Travel
Make a london guard laugh Travel
Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands Travel
Ski with a guy (guys) Sport
Ride a horse in the sea Sport
Jog at dawn (with friends) and watch the sunset Sport
Go camping with friends Sport
Go zorbing Sport
Do an extreme sport Sport
Run a 5k Sport
Rope swing into water Entertainment
Car racing on an empty highway Fun
Stay awake for 24 hours straight Fun
Say yes to everything in one day Fun
Throw a drink in someone's face Fun
Get completely wasted at a party Fun
Smash a pie on someone's face Fun
Swim under a waterfall Fun
Get into a taxi and shout "follow that car" Fun
Bonfire at the beach Fun
Have a mud fight Fun
Swim in the sea while it rains Fun
Play a risky spin the bottle Fun
Have a "what happened last night" type of night Fun
Participate in a karaoke night Fun
Dance on a table Fun
Play a risky spin the bottle Fun
Go to a masquerade Fun
Go for a professional photoshoot Fun
Swim fully clothed Fun
Shopping cart racing Fun
Sneak out at night with friends Fun
Get a tattoo Fun
Be kissed unexpectedly Fun
Jump from a cliff into water Fun
Skinny-dipping Fun
Jet ski Fun
Learn how to tie a tie Skills
Go entire day without using technology Skills
Buy high heels and learn how to walk in them Skills
Learn latin dance Skills
Make an inspirational speech in front of a huge crowd Skills
Learn all of the star constellations by heart Skills
Learn how to drive Skills
Learn how to dj Skills
Eat 'ugly' food you would have never eaten Bucket List
Ride a motorcycle with a guy Bucket List
Do a graffiti Bucket List
See the northern lights Bucket List
Go surfing Bucket List
Dye my hair Bucket List
Get two more piercings Bucket List
Lay in the road in the middle of the night Bucket List
Read 500 books Bucket List
Kiss under fireworks Bucket List
Save someone's life Bucket List
Learn how to skateboard Bucket List
Kiss on the top of the Empire State building Bucket List
Get a standing ovation Bucket List
Dance in the rain Bucket List
Get polaroid pictures Bucket List
Take cute kissing photo-booth pictures Relationships
Water fight Relationships
Cook with a guy Relationships
Recieve a giant teddy bear Relationships
Ferris Wheel kiss Relationships
Celebrate Valentine's Day Relationships
Kiss under water Relationships

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