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Shreyo's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Ride an Elephant Creativity
Take a photo each day of my pregnancy and later make a video Creativity
Buy a Professional Camera Creativity
Wear fake eyelashes Creativity
Create something I can display on my wall Creativity
Start my own blog Creativity
Have an empty jar at the start of the year and fill it with notes of everything good that happens. Read them all on Jan 1st the following year Well-being
Teach someone to read and write Well-being
Get a dog Well-being
Travel alone Travel
Travel to 5 different countries in next 2 years Travel
Watch a tiger in wild Travel
Visit the Pyramids Travel
Visit all 7 continents Travel
Have a white christmas Travel
Go backpacking Travel
Go to Greece Travel
Add a lock to lovers' bridge in Paris Travel
Buy a car Financial
Learn a New Language Education
Workout till I bring out my best body Health
Kiss a stranger on midnight at new years Fun
Get a photoshoot done by a professional Fun
Ride a horse on my own Skills
Learn to swim Skills
Be a certified scuba diver Skills
Fly in a helicopter Bucket List
Donate organs when I leave the world Bucket List
Watch the northern lights Bucket List
Find true love Relationships
Have children Relationships
Vlog my children growing up and later show them Relationships
Join an NGO Charity
Donate blood Charity

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