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Krizia1599's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
craft 3 Things Creativity
Draw a Face Creativity
Make a scrapbook Creativity
Paint a Scenery Creativity
Recycled art Creativity
Finish a book Creativity
Family bonding Well-being
Take a picture with OM Well-being
Go on a nature walk Well-being
Take a Family picture Well-being
Take BEBE picture Well-being
explore a new restaurant Travel
Explore Enchanted Kingdom Travel
Go to Divisoria Travel
Go to a fair Travel
Viisit my old school Travel
Go Hiking Travel
Visit a park Travel
Go jogging Sport
Go Swimming Sport
Play Badminton Sport
learn to braid your own hair Moving
Have a Journal Moving
Finish a Book Moving
Get paid for something Financial
Earn some money Financial
have a Job Financial
movie marathon with BEBES Entertainment
Attend a concert Entertainment
Visit an arcade house Entertainment
learn 15 new words week 2 Education
Learn civil engineering basics Education
Learn 15 new words week 1 Education
learn 15 new words week 3 Education
Practice making fruit sakes Health
Practice drinking tea Health
Walk with Dog Health
Lose 4 kg weight Health
Shopping Time with ate Fun
finish a short game Fun
Do a picnic Fun
Do a make over Fun
Get a new hair style Fun
Create a music Playlist Fun
Learn how to cook Skills
Learn the French Language Skills
Learn how to win a chess game Skills
Learn how to ride a bike Skills
Learn to improve piano Skills
Cook 5 delicious meals Skills
Learn to drive a car Skills
Stop eating chocolates for a week Bucket List
Dont miss taking a 1 hour nap Bucket List
Try a new food Bucket List
Dont watch Television for a day Bucket List
Eat fruit Every day for a month Bucket List
Dont miss a bible study Bucket List
Visit Lola Relationships
Call a Friend Relationships
Meet new friends Relationships
Bonding Time with BEBES Relationships
Bonding time with OTAKU MONSTERS Relationships
Visit a Charity House Charity
donate old clothes for the needy Charity
Buy a full meal for the needy Charity

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