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Joy's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
write a book Creativity
be a bridesmaid Social
travel alone Social
help a homeless person Well-being
travel with family Travel
see the Statue of Liberty Travel
move to an apartment Moving
get a job Career
get a part-time job Career
graduate Education
donate blood Health
travel with friends Fun
use someone else's name in starbs Fun
sleep under the stars Bucket List
learn how to drive Bucket List
go to a concert Bucket List
wish on a shooting star Bucket List
go camping Bucket List
buy a house Bucket List
do a color run Bucket List
volunteer Charity
go out of the country and stay on the streets
write a song
dance under the rain
get a pet and name it nini
add a lock to lovers bridge :>
touch a frog
do something that scares you
watch a fireworks display
get accepted to my dream university

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