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Chloe47!'s challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Create a book of quotes that inspire me Creativity
Celebrate New Year's in 5 different countries Culture
Get Married Social
Have a body that I can be proud of Well-being
Have a career that I really love Well-being
Stay awake for 24 hours Well-being
Get in shape Well-being
Run a marathon Well-being
Do something that terrifies you Well-being
go to portugal Travel
Visit California Travel
Climb a lighthouse Travel
Go to Canada Travel
Visit the Grand Canyon Travel
Go to Every Continent Travel
Go to San Fransisco Travel
Travel to venice Travel
Go to Switzerland Travel
Go to Italy Travel
Go to Japan Travel
Road Trip with best friends Travel
Go to Norway Travel
Greece Travel
Travel alone Travel
See Florence Travel
Go backpacking Travel
Float in the dead sea Travel
Travel 50+ destinations Travel
Spain Travel
Stand on the Equator Travel
See the Northern Lights Travel
See the Northern Lights Travel
Roadtrip through the USA Travel
New Zealand Travel
Go to London Travel
Visit Amsterdam Travel
Go Cliff-jumping Sport
Travel to Australia Sport
Go skydiving Sport
learn to ski Sport
Shoot a Gun Sport
Go camping with friends Sport
Live in a foreign country Moving
move into dream house Moving
live somewhere new Moving
Move out Financial
Save $10,000 Financial
Buy a house Financial
Go to a music festival Entertainment
complete graduate degree Education
Complete undergraduate degree Education
Learn Dutch Education
Have a beach bonfire Fun
ice skate Fun
stay out all night Fun
explore a cave Fun
Go on a romantic weekend Fun
Send a message in a bottle Fun
Kiss a random person Fun
Learn to Dance Well Skills
Learn How to do a Front Flip or a Back Flip Skills
learn a martial art Skills
ride a zip line Skills
Run a 5k Skills
be able to do a handstand Skills
Ride a Horse Skills
be able to do a split Skills
Go Skinny Dipping Bucket List
Spend my birthday in a foreign country Bucket List
Read every hour before bed for a month Bucket List
Fly First Class Bucket List
Fly in a helicopter Bucket List
Become a pet owner Bucket List
Sleep under the stars Bucket List
Visit a Volcano Bucket List
change someone's life Bucket List
run a 10k Bucket List
Kiss under fireworks Bucket List
Start your own business Bucket List
Get engaged Relationships
Watch sunset and rise in one day Relationships
Make someone I don't know smile Charity
Watch a sunset/sunrise with someone

Idea box and problem report - Web developer

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