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Cabbagesocks's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
create an art piece you really love and put it in your room Creativity
redesign your room Creativity
go to a parade/celebration focused on something that makes you you Culture
see, learn, and try other peoples' cultures Culture
find what you really love to do Culture
write letters to people Social
go to a huge party Social
make a new best friend Social
occasional yet often movie night Fridays with your friends Social
learn to love yourself Well-being
cry your heart out over something/someone stupid Well-being
start a cactus/plant collection Well-being
sing your heart out with your friends in the car Well-being
leave the state Travel
get a map and pin places I will go Travel
get into marching band Sport
go through with volleyball Sport
go to a concert for a band Entertainment
find 3 new bands Entertainment
find 3 new youtubers Entertainment
find and play a video game you love Entertainment
get all a's Education
save 1,000 dollars for college Education
eat healthy Health
eat healthy Health
go to a baseball game Fun
go to the ocean Fun
be crazy-stupid with your friends Fun
get really dressed up and excited for an event with your friends Fun
take a huge risk Fun
do something so nice someone cries Relationships
find a romantic interest Relationships

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