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Bait's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Get a massage Well-being
Give Blood Well-being
Sneak Out Well-being
Hollywood Walk of Fame Travel
Go To Las Vegas Travel
surf Sport
Attend at least one major sporting event Sport
Learn to ice skate Sport
Go to the beach Entertainment
Ride a motorcycle Fun
Karaoke Fun
Dance In The Pouring Rain Fun
get tan Fun
Jet ski Fun
Snow mobile Fun
costume party Fun
Swim with dolphins Fun
Go Camping Fun
play biscuit Fun
Sing on the streets for money Fun
Learn to drive stick shift Skills
Get Drunk Bucket List
Get High Bucket List
have a bonfire Bucket List
Play Beer Pong Bucket List
Go Indoor Skydiving Bucket List
go fishing
find a new pretty place to hang or take pictures
sneak into a movie
take the bus around randomly for 1 whole day
play beach volleyball
go glow in the dark golfing
sleep outside in a tent
go night swimming
play flip cup

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