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Antrosewk's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Make a handmade gift Creativity
Visit a Chocolate Factory Culture
Attend a masquerade ball Social
Go to the Prom Social
Help a stranger Social
Have a sleepover (friends) Social
become a Parent Social
Go one day without social media Well-being
Run a marathon Well-being
Road Trip with best friends Travel
Stand on the Equator Travel
Visit a farmers market/ Flea market Travel
Take a train ride..anywhere Travel
Visit a Theme Park Travel
Release baby turtles in the ocean Travel
travel with a friend Travel
Road Trip with best friends Travel
go to hawaii Travel
Go to Disney World Travel
Visit New York Travel
Visit Niagara Falls Travel
Go somewhere tropical Travel
Pet a Kangaroo in Australia Travel
Visit Australia Travel
throw a dart at a map and travel where it lands Travel
Be in two different States at one time Travel
Shower Under A Waterfall Travel
Visit at least 25 countries Travel
Ride a Camel Sport
Ride a bike Sport
Go skydiving Sport
Horseride Sport
Get a Job Career
Buy A Car Financial
ride a ferris wheel Entertainment
Visit a Bird Sanctuary Education
Visit a Fish Aquarium Education
Visit a botanical garden Education
Visit a Butterfly sanctuary Education
stop smoking Health
Take a walk with some gloves and trashbags and pick up all of the litter you can find. Health
Splash around in puddles Fun
Get a picture taken with Santa Claus Fun
Go Trick or Treating Fun
Play mini golf Fun
go go karting Fun
Feed the deer Fun
Catch frogs Fun
Bungee Jump Fun
explore a cave Fun
Send a message in a bottle Fun
Swim with dolphins Fun
Visit a splash pad Fun
Play hide and seek Fun
Roll down a grassy hill Fun
Fly a Kite Fun
Pick your own wild raspberries Fun
Pick your own strawberries in the spring Fun
Visit Little Ray's Reptiles Fun
Go to a county fair and visit all of the animals. Fun
Go apple-picking in the fall and watch how cider is made Fun
Have a camping trip in the backyard Fun
Take some sidewalk chalk out to the driveway and fill it with pictures and hopscotch Fun
bake cookies Fun
Go on a scavenger hunt Fun
Stay in pyjamas all day Fun
Eat cotton candy Fun
Jump in a pile of leaves Fun
Blow bubbles Fun
Pick flowers Fun
Play in the mud Fun
ride a zip line Skills
Visit Niagra Falls Bucket List
Use A Fake Name At Starbucks Bucket List
Get a Tattoo Bucket List
Win the lotto Bucket List
Plant a tree Bucket List
Go bungy jumping Bucket List
Ride in a hot air balloon Bucket List
Visit a Volcano Bucket List
whale watching Bucket List
Hug a koala Bucket List
Visit the zoo Bucket List
Feed the ducks Bucket List
Take my parents on a vacation Relationships
Visit Lolo in the Philippines Relationships
attend a wedding Relationships
Have Children Relationships
Fall in Love Relationships
Attend a same sex wedding Relationships
Volunteer at a children's hospital Charity
Buy a homeless person a full meal Charity
Rescue an animal from a shelter Charity
Volunteer at an animal shelter Charity

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