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Lindaja's challenge list
Description Category Progress Due date
Shower under waterfall Creativity
Shower under waterfall Creativity
Ride an Elephant Creativity
Celebrate New Year's in 5 different countries Culture
Visit a market in Morocco Culture
Give Flowers to random people Social
Get Married Social
be a bridesmaid Social
Participate in a protest Social
Have a body I can be proud of Well-being
Do something that terrifies you Well-being
Find my purpose in life Well-being
Do something completely out of my comfort zone Well-being
Have an empty jar at the start of the year and fill it with notes of everything good that happens. Read them all on Jan 1st the following year Well-being
Road trip Travel
go to hawaii Travel
kiss a dolphin Travel
Islands of Fiji Travel
Visit the Bahamas Travel
See the Northern Lights Travel
Fjords in Norway Travel
Visit Africa Travel
visit a pink sand beach Travel
Go to the top of the Eifel Tower Travel
throw a dart at a map and travel where it lands Travel
Visit Budapest Travel
Visit Pompeii Travel
Lay on the Caribbean beach Travel
Travel all Continents Travel
Study/live abroad Travel
have campfire on beach Travel
See the Northern Lights Travel
Go skydiving Sport
participate in a color run Sport
Live in another country for at least a year Moving
Have a career I love Career
Graduate college Career
Get a Job Career
Graduate college Career
Buy a house Financial
Move out Financial
Go to a concert Entertainment
Go to a music festival Entertainment
Donate Blood Health
Hike in a rainforest Fun
Eat at a 5 star restaraunt Fun
Scuba Dive Fun
Release a paper lantern Fun
attend a pool party Fun
Visit a zoo Fun
Learn To Drive Skills
Name a Star Bucket List
get a tattoo Bucket List
Kiss under fireworks Bucket List
Get High Bucket List
Sleep under the stars Bucket List
Sleep on a trampoline Bucket List
Stay at the ice hotel Bucket List
Sleep under the stars Bucket List
Kiss in the rain Bucket List
jump in a pool fully clothed Bucket List
Fly on a plane Bucket List
Plant a tree Bucket List
Add a lock to lovers bridge Bucket List
Get a Tattoo Bucket List
Swim with Dolphins Bucket List
To have a complete Family Picture Relationships
Cuddle all day and watch movies Relationships
Have a Child Relationships
Kiss underwater Relationships
Find someone who will love me no matter what Relationships
Watch a Sunset With Someone Relationships
Get Engaged Relationships
Kiss underwater Relationships
Watch a Sunset With Someone Relationships
Receive a Dozen Roses Relationships
Have a family Relationships
Fall asleep in each other's arms Relationships
Kiss under a sprig of mistletoe Relationships
Be shut uped with a kiss Relationships
Get married Relationships
Change someone's life Charity
Make someone I don't know smile Charity
Volunteer at an animal shelter Charity
Buy a homeless person a full meal Charity
Receive my Bachelors Degree
Receive my Masters Degree
Leave a note in a library book
Write Yourself a Letter and Read it 10 Years Later
Go on a date
Be an organ donor
Catch a last minute flight to a random destination

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